DriveUnit Gateway Module

DriveUnit Gateway Module is designed for retrofitting AMG steering wheel in Mercedes Benz cars equipped with an NTG5.5/NTG6.0(MBUX) head unit, emulate functions of original AMG Drive Unit module. Steering wheel drive unit functions list can be configured during DriveUnit Gateway Module installation. A unique feature of this module – changing the original startup animation to your own. We can also create a custom startup animation or animate your personalized logo.
DriveUnit Gateway Module works only in conjunction with CARSYSTEMS Mercedes Benz Steering Wheel Retrofit Adapter!

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Supported models (will expand):

  • W167 – GLE class
  • W463 – G class
  • W238 – E class
  • W213 – E class
  • W257 – CLS class
  • W177 – A class
  • W247 – B class
  • W118 – CLA class

Installing the DriveUnit Gateway Module makes it possible to control and indicate the status of the following functions on the steering wheel:

  1.   Selection and display of Drive Program driving modes. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  2. Selection and indication of gear changing modes. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  3. Selection and indication of the engine Start/Stop function. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  4. Control and indication of ESP modes. The presence/absence of this function, as well as the presence of the AMG_SPORT mode, is specified when configuring the unit.DriveUnit Gateway Module

  5. Selection and display of exhaust damper for exhaust sound generator modes. After market exhaust sound generators can be controled using a discrete 12V/1A output when turning the generator on/off through the standard menu of the head unit. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  6. Selection and display of suspension adjustment modes. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  7. Control and status display of the rear view camera or surround view system (RVC/SVS). DriveUnit Gateway Module

  8. AMG Dynamics control and status display. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  9. Control and indication of Suspension Level status.DriveUnit Gateway Module

  10. Control and display of the status of the Blind Spot Monitor Assist. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  11. Control and status display of Attention Assist.DriveUnit Gateway Module

  12. Control and status display of Park Assist.DriveUnit Gateway Module

  13. Control and status display of lane departure warning assistant LDP/ALDW. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  14. Control and status display of steering assist DTR+Q. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  15. Control and status indication of the HUD head-up display. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  16. Control and status indication of PDC parking sensors. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  17. Front seat belt feed control in COUPE. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  18. Control and indication of the status of the descent speed control assistant DSR. DriveUnit Gateway Module

  19. Control and indication of the status of manual/automatic mode of stroboscopes of the MBLight Beam Effects Module. DriveUnit Gateway Module