MB Multifunctional Retrofit

MB Multifunctional Retrofit – it is an universal product that includes the following functionality:
  • AMG Engine type changer
  • Video in Motion
  • Navigation System Activator
  • Night Vision Activator
  • Ambient Lights Controller CAN Speed Converter
  • Odometer mileage blocker
  • Speed Limit Information (SLI/TSA)
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AMG Engine type changer

AMG Engine Type Converter used for REMOTELY convert any standard instrument cluster to AMG 63 version.
This unique device also can virginize (reset mileage, make new) and learn used (IC213 only) instrument cluster to another car.
Device support all hardware and software versions of IC213 and IC177 instrument cluster on next MB model types:
W118, W167, W177, W205 facelift, W213, W213 facelift, W217 facelift, W222 facelift, W238, W238 facelift, W247, W253 facelift, W257, W257 facelift and W463.

Video in Motion

The Video in Motion module has a speed filter function that allows you to watch TV programs or videos from AV-in sources while driving.
For COMAND NTG 2,5 , NTG 3.0 , NTG 3.5 , NTG 4.5 , NTG 5.0 , NTG 5s1 , NTG 5.5 , NTG 6.0.

Navigation System Activator

The module for retrofitting is designed to activate the navigation in Mercedes Benz head units NTG 3.5 , NTG 4.5 , NTG 5.0 , NTG 5s1 , NTG 5.5 , NTG 6.0 when replacing or installing the head unit in another car.

A unique feature of this module is the selection of the VIN code source:
1. Original VIN code (VIN code of the car will be transferred to the head unit).
2. VIN code of the head unit (when replacing the head unit, it will leave its VIN code regardless of the VIN code in the car.
Used to save activation of navigation maps).
3. Manual VIN code (it uses a manually written VIN code).

Night Vision Activator

Intended for installing and activating a used night system NV222 in S class W217/W222.
If the head unit does not have a physical button to start night vision – it can be activated on the steering wheel using the back button.

Ambient Lights Controller (ALC) CAN Speed Converter

MB Speed matching adapter for ALC – is used in case OEM 64 LEDs facelift Ambient lights retrofitting with ALC 213 module in conjunctions with MB EVO IC Retrofit Adapter.

Odometer mileage blocker

Used for IC213 to block mileage increase.

Speed Limit Information (SLI/TSA)

For used removing the restriction of Traffic Sign Assist (TSA) function in some countries.
(It allows you to activate extended functions in the multifunctional camera on the car in those regions where it is blocked.)