MB STAR3 Steering Wheel retrofit adapter

The MB STAR3 Steering Wheel Retrofit adapter is intended for installing a W223 steering wheel with FD-CAN technologies on a previous generation car: W167, W190 facelift, W213 facelift, W238 facelift, W463 from the 2019 model year; W222, W217, W205 and W253 of the 2017 model year.

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The STAR3 generation of Mercedes-Benz steering wheels is distinguished by its CAN FD protocol. With the MB STAR3 Steering Wheel Retrofit Adapter, Mercedes-Benz owners can effortlessly install the latest generation steering wheel on their vehicles that are equipped with the STAR2 generation CAN protocol.

The adapter supports new distance adjustment operating logic of adaptive cruise control DISTRONIC. For some car models adapter can emulate missing vibration motor. This is necessary for the correct functioning of the driving assistant systems.