BMW Fxx MOST NBT Retrofit Adapter

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BMW Retrofit — F-series NBT retrofit adapter:

  • Very simple plug-and-play installation
  • Full NBT functionality
  • No car software and hardware modifications needed (works with original parts – ZGW, CAS, etc.)
  • Excellent navigation functionality with any NBT HW versions
  • All car options supported (sport engine power indicators, night vision system, camera driver assistance systems (KAFAS), high beam assistant, speed limit information, surround camera system)
  • Additional features (rear view camera emulation, ICAM rear view camera support (F15 ICAM camera on prefacelifted Fxx cars), front camera support, touch iDrive controller support)
  • Video in motion function (VIM), allowing passengers to watch video while driving
  • Navigation activation function, allows activate pre-loaded FSC navigation codes when retrofitting NBT
  • Activation of built-in SVS voice control
  • Activation of Internet access or BMW Online in motion.
  • Protocol matching of drivetrain and steering wheel angle sensor for correct functioning of the navigation system
  • Matching TRSVC and ICAM camera with NBT head unit with retaining all functions
  • Map based road Speed Limit Info on NBT CID screen


BMW Fxx MOST NBT Retrofit Adapter – manual