BMW I-Bus CIC Retrofit Adapter

BMW I-Bus CIC Retrofit Adapter

BMW I-Bus CIC retrofit adapter is a multifunctional module allows to install CIC head unit in cars with IBUS - BMW E series E38, E39, E46, E53 and Range Rover L30.

Device performs following functions :

1. Video in motion fuction (VIM), allowing passengers to watch video while driving.

2. CIC navigation activation function, allows to activate the navigation device when retrofitting car with CIC which is not provided for retrofitting.

3. Activation of built-in SVS voice control.

4. The activation of Internet access or BMW Online in motion.

5. Protocol matching of DSC module for correct functioning of the navigation system .

6. Matching with PDC parking sensors modules installed on I-Bus.

7. Matching with the standard DSP processor for vehicles equipped with audio system Top HiFi.

8. Rearview camera emulation for all cars BMW E series allows you to install any third-party rearview camera manufacturer.

9. Matching of E series head unit front panel with maintaining of full functionality CIC when installed in the vehicle BMW E series.