Firmware update for modules without USB connector is performed by an external programmer (CarSystems device programmer or other).
Firmware update for modules with USB connector is performed by USB interface.

Firmware update for modules without USB connector
1. Connect the programmer to the computer and install the necessary drivers (drivers for CarSystems device programmer can be found in the Downloads section)
2. Apply external 12V supply to the module (on MicroFit socket)
3. Connect the programmer to a module as it shown on the photos below (red wire on the flat cable – the first contact)

4. Start HyperTerminal program (for Windows7, Windows8 this program can be downloaded from the Downloads section).

4.1 Connect to the COM port on which the programmer or a converter USB / UART installed.

4.2 Send the firmware file via the 1K Xmodem protocol

5. Wiring for the third-party USB / UART converter.

For updating modules with USB connector, connect module to the USB port on your computer, install the drivers for the virtual COM port (in Downloads section).

Next steps – same as for the units without USB.